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Related article: The door opened as she was still pleading with Nancy and Joan saw the
neighbor looking up and down at her in her normal black outfit.
Well what have we here? If I didn't know I would say it's my nosy neighbor
and dressed liked that I would think she needs some punishment. Do you
want Preteen Nude Pictures mommy to spank your naughty ass slut.
I brought her over for training as we agreed, Nancy replied, she been
cumming for days watching you, her wimp husband and his banker friends.
Remember, you promise me his ass would be mine if I delivered the cunt.
Of course, said the neighbor still looking down at Joan with glean in her
Joan was totally anger at her betrayal. Most of all, she was going to fuck
her husband and while the bitch use her for her pleasure. She tried to get
away but Nancy held the lease tight and tugged forward almost choking her.
Try that again and I might shoved that pretty face of your up my john, the
neighbor laughed at her. Taking the lease from Nancy, she pulled her
forward as Nancy left into another room in the house.
Come on sugar. I told you the other day I was going to have fun with your
ass. Such an ass as yours needs a good fucking on a regular basic.
Joan tried everything to get away. Despite her struggles, she found
herself being led down the hall to the room she had seen the nights before. She
was scare of what too expect but couldn't do anything at the moment.
Curiosity Killed the Cat VIII
Joan was dragged almost on her knees into the dungeon room she had peeked
on for the last two days. Both Mr. Lawyer and his wife was already there
naked kneeling on the floor with their heads flat on the wood.
Mistress Diane demanded Mr. Lawyer come over and help her tie her new slut
to the ceiling as she had witnessed her husband the previous night. When
he arrived, Joan fought as hard as she could as her hands were uncuffed in
back and then recuffed again despite her resistance back in front. Mr. Lawyer
grabbed her legs and pulled her on the floor to the ceiling chains and
attached her legs upward till they were secured. Her arms Preteen Nude Pictures were then pulled up
and attached as she wiggled sideways trying to get them free. As she
struggled, Mistress Diane pushed a device on the wall and she found herself being
lifted up preventing any further struggles. She was defensiveness to
whatever games they intended to do to her. She watched the neighbor Preteen Nude Pictures smiling face
in fear.
Mistress Diane walked up and tweaked one of her tits causing her to yell
in pain.
If its any consolation slut, I have no intention of letting that bitch
have that wimp husband of yours. Mr. daughter is filming it all tonight so we
can blackmail her ass like we did you husband. By the way, I already own
your home and car and now I own you. Smiling down at her, it could be worst
you know. Laura is planning to make that bitch her new puppy dog. You don't
what that now do you? She tweaked her tit again to make her point.
Joan moved her head sideways to indicate no as she thought to herself how
it would serve the bitch right. The house and car thing was really worrying
her however. A sharp tweak to her other tit brought her rapidly back to
reality as she shook in pain.
Slut Jean, crawl over her and get her asshole wet for me. I just love
breaking a virgin asshole in.
Joan pleaded as she saw Mrs. Lawyer crawling forward and then below her.
She felt her face in the crack of her ass and then her tongue trying to Preteen Nude Pictures work
it's way up her bun hole. At first, she tried to keep it tight but the
tongue was driving her crazy around the rim as it finally loosen up and then
worked up her asshole as she moaned in delight from the feeling. She loosed
it to let it enter as deep as it wanted.
Mistress Laura had returned with a strap-on cock about 6 inches long and 1
inch wide. Standing in front of Joan head she pulled her head up and put
the dildo at the opening of her mouth. Joan knew where it was going to go
and even through the tongue in her ass felt well, she wanted no part of that
thing there.
Slap her tits till she sucks, Mistress Diane demanded Mr. Lawyer.
Joan felt her tits being slapped and yelled from the pain as her mistress
shoved the cock up the opening of her mouth. She tried to fight it with her
tongue only to have it pushed out Preteen Nude Pictures of the way till it was firmly inserted.
Her struggling was futile as she began sucking on it, as it was moving in
and out. Mr. Lawyer had quit on her tits to her relief and she could feel
her butt tonguing again. Her cunt was Preteen Nude Pictures getting wet despite what she knew was
coming but it felt too good to fight anymore.
Good slut, Mistress Diane said, smiling down at her. Get it good and wet
so when I shove it up your butt up all the way.
Curiosity Killed the Cat IX
Joan had no resistance left, as she needed to cum. She sucked and sucked
as the cock was pushed in and out. Finally it was withdrawn as she watched
in fear as Mistress Diane walked behind her.
Mrs. Lawyer face was removed as she felt her ass cheeks being spread wide.
The cock was at the entrance and before she could resist, it forced it way
in. She thought she would be ripped in half by it but instead the initial
pain wasn't as bad as she feared. Her ass felt full as it finally made it's
way fully inside and she found herself getting wetter having it stuffed.
Her mistress started pulling it slightly out and then in again as she moaned
in pleasure. She had never been ass fucked but it felt so good at the
moment as she tried to clench her thighs to get some kind of pressure on her
Jean, our slut is trying to get off on her ass fucking. Why don't you sit
on her face so she can return the favor earlier?
Joan watched as Mrs. Lawyer got up and walked to her front. She watched as
her large hairy cunt and ass passed over her face and tried to reach with
her tongue and swipe it as it passed. Finally her ass was centered over her
face as she pushed her head up into its crack and tried to work her tongue
in the hairy asshole. Mr. Lawyer was demanded to help hold her head up so
she could get her tongue in and keep it there to her relief.
The cock in her ass was driving in and out now and she felt she was
cumming at any moment. Even Mrs. Lawyer asshole tasted good at present. She just
wanted to be used. She couldn't hold it any longer and started shaking out
of control on her swing. She yelled in Mrs. Lawyer large ass in pleasure.
The cock was starting to be removed from her ass as she begged her mistress
between the cheeks not to remove it.
Release the slut, Laura demanded of Mr. Lawyer. There's no need to secure
this one. Preteen Nude Pictures
She's as hot as a firecracker. That Preteen Nude Pictures wimp husband of hers must
have been lousy in bed.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawyer helped lowered Joan down from the ceiling to the floor
and then undid the chains leaving her hands and ankles still collared.
They were demanded to stand side by side.
Get on all fours slut, Mistress Jean demanded kicking Joan ass with her
heel. My slaves are horny. Crawl over there and lick each of them till they
Joan needed no more motivation as she got up and crawled over to Mr.
Lawyer taking his cock in her mouth in one quick swallow. She blob her head up
and down and in no time felt his cum flowing down her throat as she
swallowed every drop. Licking it dry, she then proceeded to Mrs. Lawyer dripping
cunt and started working her clit with her tongue. Mrs. Lawyer was straining
desperately trying not to cum till Joan tongue slipped in her hole as she
shook out of control and almost fell on top of her. Joan continued to lick
proud of her accomplishment at getting both off so soon.
Good slut, Laura said. Now crawl to the dildo stool and get yourself off.
Only once, slut.
Joan saw the small stool in the corner and crawled over and squatted down
on the fake cock in the center. It felt good, as she starting Preteen Nude Pictures rocking up
and down on it. Her back was to the others, but she didn't care. Her cunt was
on fire and needed attention now. She suspected she was being filmed but
who cared. She climaxed on the cock and fell forward on the floor passed out
in pleasure.
Curiousity Killed the Cat X
Joan Preteen Nude Pictures was awaken the next morning by Mrs Lawyer kicking at her feet.
Up slut. Mistress says to take a shower and report to her. Hurry your ass
Mrs Lawyer was aleady dress and every bone in Joan body ached. Flashbacks
of last night was running in here mind as Mrs Lawyer pulled her by the
leash into a open shower stall on the end of the dungeon room. She held her
leash as she walked in and turned the water on. A small soap bar was available
as she shamelessly washed while Jean watched her. She had barely had a
chance to finished when Jean pulled her out of the stall and led her to a
dresser where she had 5 minutes to fix her face and hair. Joan wasn't sure
while she was being rushed but knew better than disobey. When she was done, she
was led to a large sitting room where Mistress Luara was sitting with Mr
Lawyer between her legs serving her cunt. He was already dressed also.
Mistress Laura turned around looking at her.
Here, all my slaves work for a living during the day and serve me at
night. Your house and all its belongings will be sold when I choose. You will be
assigned as Mrs Lawyer secretary at the bank while her other secretary is
being assigned temporary elsewhere. You will do whatever she asked. You may
leave if you choose but you may not takee anything from the house or your
car or I have you arrested for theft. Your ass is mine now to do with as I
choose and tonight I have plans for you. Jean help dress my new slut.
Jean went to a counter and returned with a double dildo waist strap. Joan
didn't have much choice but to stand and let her attached it around her
waist inserting the cunt dildo first which felt good to her at present and
then the ass plug in back which hurt like hell from last night adventure. A
dress was then given to her to put on which barely covered her upper thighs.
Last was a pair of panty hose which she had differculty putting on with the
plugs in. Her leash was then put in her dress between her breasts to
concile it.
Laura then pushed Mr Lawyer away.
Come here and get on your knees slut. All my slave Preteen Nude Pictures have to lick my pussy
before they go to work.
Joan struggle with the plugs over to where she was sitting and got down on
her knees and lowered her head to her mistress crotch. She began the
ordeal of licking her clit and pussy till her mistress finally told her that was
Thank me slut for allowing you to taste my beautiful pussy all day.
Thank you mistress, Joan replied. Your pussy taste so good.
Laura laughed and then had Mrs Lawyer help her to her feet. Don't be too
gentle with her today she told Jean. I expect her to be begging to cum by
the time she gets off work. I have guests arriving today to see our new slut.
Joan was horrorize at the though of being exposed to more people but her
cunt was aleady wet at the thought. She knew she could run away any moment

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